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Kratom Recipe – Lemonade KRATOMade

The future is calling

Okay, let’s talk about it… you know the bitter, not always so enjoyable, Kratom that we all know and love. What if I told you that we took your favorite effects of Kratom powder and transformed them into an easy-to-use, pre-packaged, water-soluble, stick pack. Blue Diamond Herbs presents to you KRATOMade. 

Over the next few weeks, you will get an in-depth understanding of the flavors, uses, and maybe even a few of our favorite recipes for our Kratomade stick packs! Did we mention that there are twenty-four, yes TWENTY-FOUR unique flavors? Let’s get to know the line-up. 

This week we are bringing you one of our favorites Lemonade!


A summer favorite, Lemonade is the perfect KRATOMade flavor to sip on before a busy day! Imagine all the childhood days of swimming in the pool, playing in the yard, or enjoying a family barbeque, that is exactly what this flavor will bring to you! 

Ways to enjoy

KRATOMade Lemonade can be enjoyed in many ways. Try stirring into a glass of water, either cold or warm, mixing into a smoothie, or pouring into juice. No matter how you decide to drink KRATOMade the benefits and lemon flavor are sure to be exactly what you need! An even better way to enjoy Lemonade KRATOMade is to try it as an ice pop! There is no better way than cooling off this July with a fresh KRATOMade pop straight from your freezer! Let’s see how to make it:

Strawberry Lemonade Ice Pops


1 (one) KRATOMade Lemonade Stick Pack (Two servings)

Ice Pop Molds

2 Strawberries


Wash and cut the tops off your Strawberries. Slice berries into small pieces or chunks. 

Pour your Lemonade Stick Pack (use whole pack for two servings or half the pack for one serving) into water and mix. Once mixed thoroughly, pour lemonade mix into molds. Add your strawberries and set in the freezer for 4-6 hours. Once the pops are frozen solid simply remove and enjoy! A nice easy way to stay cool and still get a dose of your Kratom!

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Explore Godfather Kratom Products

Blue Diamond Herbs is determined to bring you the highest quality Kratom possible, we want YOU to feel your best which is why we created our Godfather blends. Whether you take your Kratom the traditional way as a powder or you are more into a quick fix such as the capsules, we have made it easy for you to find what is your perfect fit. Are you interested in learning more about the Godfather blends? Check it out below: 

Godfather Regular Powder

Godfather Regular Powder The Godfather Regular Powder is Kratom leaves from a very mature tree with an average range of about 1.7 to 1.9% MIT. Used just as you would a regular Kratom Powder blend. The Godfather makes for a perfect Kratom blend. The Godfather is a red strain, but for some has been known to have green strain effects as well.

Enhanced Blend Powder

The Godfather Enhanced Blend is just our regular Godfather Powder blended with our 45% Godfather Extract, thus making it an enhanced blend. The Enhanced Blend sits at 3.2% MIT versus the 1.9% from the regular Godfather Powder.  Whatever your normal regular powder dose is, you can cut that down by 1/3 – 1/2 when using Godfather Enhanced Blend meaning it is much more powerful than our regular blend. A popular product amongst the Blue Diamond Herb Community, Godfather Enhanced Blend is raved about and one we recommend to many! 


Let’s start with Godfather Special Extract No. 1 is pure 50% Godfather extract. For most people, one Godfather (GF) extract cap equals one serving. One serving or One capsule is estimated to be equal to about 4-6g regular powder. That being said, if your normal powder serving is 2g then you would only take half a GF extract cap. If your normal amount is 4-5g then you would take the whole GF extract cap.

Godfather X Special Extract No. 2 is 75% pure Godfather extract. One Godfather X Special Extract No 2. (GFX) extract cap is estimated to be equal to 5-6g regular powder serving. So, if your normal serving is anything under 4g you would only take half a GFX extract cap. If you’re used to taking over 5g you could take the whole GFX extract cap.

Our newest Godfather product is the Godfather Gel Caps. This is NOT Godfather extract No.1 or Godfather X No. 2. It is its own formulation, but because of the delivery process being that it is a liquid the onset is MUCH faster. This can make it stronger for some people. The Gel extract mg wise is closer to Godfather Extract No. 1. Each GEL cap is equivalent to 4-5g regular powder.

The Godfather blends are perfect for our regular Kratom users. Making this product highly sought after and incredibly valuable to those who know and love it. 

If you have any questions regarding the Godfather Blends please reach out to us via the Contact Us section of our site! 

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Explore CBD Products From Blue Diamond Herbs

CBD is one of the two prominent active compounds found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD does not produce the same euphoric intoxication or ‘high’ associated with marijuana. CBD has become more prevalent due to increased research and interest in its potential health advantages. 

As a result, various CBD products have cropped up to serve this emerging market. However, the sheer quantity of products on the market can be overwhelming, especially for new users looking to buy CBD products. CBD products are mainly available in oils, edibles, and topicals such as ointments and creams. 

So, what type of CBD products should you buy? This article will explore various types of CBD products available and why you should only buy CBD products from reputable cannabis companies such as Blue Diamond Herbs.  

Shop Our CBD Products Online

In addition to oils, edibles and gummies, and topicals, CBD is also available as pills and capsules, mist sprays, vaping liquid, and many other forms. Remember that CBD products are not standardized and will vary in quality and strength across the board. That’s why you need to buy CBD products from reputable vendors. 

Looking to buy CBD products but don’t know where to start? Shop our CBD products online. You can have your pick from a wide range of safe, high-quality CBD products in our selection. You can buy CBD products from Blue Diamond Herbs in the following forms: 

CBD Edibles

If you wish to explore the potential health benefits of the cannabis plant without any intoxicating effects, consider trying our CBD edibles. Edibles contain CBD extract in food form and are therefore consumed orally like any other snack. We have a plethora of edibles to choose from, including CBD gummy bears and gummy worms in various flavors and strengths. 

Click here to learn more about our CBD Edibles. 

Why Choose Blue Diamond Herbs 

Blue Diamond Herbs boasts excellent customer service and product quality. Our edible CBD products come in various flavors and potency options. All Blue Diamond Herbs CBD products are made from plants grown in the United States. They are all third-party tested by ISO 17025-compliant laboratories, have a certificate of analysis (COA), and contain no more than 0.3% THC. 

Shop the Best CBD Products Online

Today, CBD products are topping the charts for the best health support. Only buy CBD products from trusted suppliers such as Blue Diamond Herbs to ensure the best quality CBD extracts. Shop our CBD products online for convenience. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about our products. If not, place your order today and start exploring!