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How Long Does Kratom Stay In Your System?

Kratom comes from the leaves of an evergreen tree called Mitragyna speciosa, found in Southeast Asia. In small doses, it provides a stimulant effect, while larger doses produce the effects of an opioid. Kratom has been known to help with depression, anxiety, mental health struggles, chronic pain, and opioid cravings.

Those who try kratom each report unique results, depending on their personal brain chemistry and the methods they use when taking kratom. One of the most important factors to explore is how long kratom lasts and how long kratom stays in your system. This is especially vital, as kratom has a different effect depending on how much is in your system at one time.

Always Take Kratom On An Empty Stomach

It is advised by experienced kratom consumers to always take kratom on an empty stomach. This can help to discover how your body reacts to kratom without confusing factors and to process kratom the most efficiently through your body. Taking it on an empty stomach allows your body to process just that substance as cleanly and quickly as possible.

Avoid Regular Intake

In Southeast Asia, segments of the population slowly chew kratom leaves or make a weak tea that they use for energy throughout the day. However, the dried and powdered kratom that you can get exported is more potent. If you rely on just one strain of kratom and take it regularly, it is very likely that you will develop a tolerance.

If you want to continue enjoying the positive effects of kratom at low and enjoyable doses, it’s advised that you take kratom no more often than three times a week.

How Long Do the Effects of Kratom Last?

Because kratom is metabolized through your digestive system, the length of the effects and how long it lingers in your body will vary based on your metabolism – and whether you took kratom on an empty stomach. Most people report that the euphoric effects from small doses of kratom can last between one to two hours, after about ten minutes, to feel the onset.

Space Out Your Kratom Doses

Building up a tolerance to kratom is a risk you want to avoid. But it’s also important to space out your doses of kratom if you decide to use it more than once in a single day. It is advised that you take doses no closer together than six hours or significantly reduce your dose if you bring those times closer together.

If you are taking kratom for energy, remember that the more kratom is in your system, the more likely you are to trigger the opioid-dreamy effects instead of the alertness you seek.

How Long Do the Effects of Kratom Last?

How long does kratom stay in your system? While research is limited, it can be assumed that trace amounts of kratom remain in your system for two to six hours after the last effects fade, as this mirrors the pace of your metabolism.

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