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Explore CBD Products From Blue Diamond Herbs

CBD is one of the two prominent active compounds found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD does not produce the same euphoric intoxication or ‘high’ associated with marijuana. CBD has become more prevalent due to increased research and interest in its potential health advantages. 

As a result, various CBD products have cropped up to serve this emerging market. However, the sheer quantity of products on the market can be overwhelming, especially for new users looking to buy CBD products. CBD products are mainly available in oils, edibles, and topicals such as ointments and creams. 

So, what type of CBD products should you buy? This article will explore various types of CBD products available and why you should only buy CBD products from reputable cannabis companies such as Blue Diamond Herbs.  

Shop Our CBD Products Online

In addition to oils, edibles and gummies, and topicals, CBD is also available as pills and capsules, mist sprays, vaping liquid, and many other forms. Remember that CBD products are not standardized and will vary in quality and strength across the board. That’s why you need to buy CBD products from reputable vendors. 

Looking to buy CBD products but don’t know where to start? Shop our CBD products online. You can have your pick from a wide range of safe, high-quality CBD products in our selection. You can buy CBD products from Blue Diamond Herbs in the following forms: 

CBD Edibles

If you wish to explore the potential health benefits of the cannabis plant without any intoxicating effects, consider trying our CBD edibles. Edibles contain CBD extract in food form and are therefore consumed orally like any other snack. We have a plethora of edibles to choose from, including CBD gummy bears and gummy worms in various flavors and strengths. 

Click here to learn more about our CBD Edibles. 

Why Choose Blue Diamond Herbs 

Blue Diamond Herbs boasts excellent customer service and product quality. Our edible CBD products come in various flavors and potency options. All Blue Diamond Herbs CBD products are made from plants grown in the United States. They are all third-party tested by ISO 17025-compliant laboratories, have a certificate of analysis (COA), and contain no more than 0.3% THC. 

Shop the Best CBD Products Online

Today, CBD products are topping the charts for the best health support. Only buy CBD products from trusted suppliers such as Blue Diamond Herbs to ensure the best quality CBD extracts. Shop our CBD products online for convenience. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about our products. If not, place your order today and start exploring! 

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How to Mask the Taste of Kratom

Kratomade flavored individual kratom packets from Blue Diamond Herbs

Getting a flavorful taste from Kratom powder can sometimes seem like a kitchen experiment. Consumers have reported that Kratom has a sharp, bitter taste and is harsh when taken orally. We’ve seen feedback from new consumers that it tastes like a mixture of grassy, leafy herbs. Other people say it tastes like green teas that have been brewed and steeped way too long.

However, there are various ways to mitigate the flavor so you can enjoy kratom without it being so bitter. We are here to give you some tips to help make Kratom more enjoyable for consumption. 

So What Does Kratom Taste Like?

For those unfamiliar with the flavor, if you can imagine eating grass, that’s pretty much the flavor of kratom. The flavor of leafy herb and over-steeped green tea makes it difficult to get used to Kratom. The good news is that if this doesn’t sound appealing to you, there are ways to add more sweet flavors to kratom. 

How to Make Kratom Taste Good

A few simple tricks can leave your taste buds singing. Here are four ways to take your kratom to the next level.


Mixing your Kratom with juice makes the flavor better, and it’s absorbed more quickly by your body. It’s best to use juice choices with more acid, so orange juice, lemonade, and lemon juice are the most popular choices. If those don’t appeal to you, apple juice and cranberry are good alternatives.

An even better choice that is more convenient is our KRATOMade collection of flavored powders. Enjoy everything well-loved about kratom without the taste and inconvenience. No more making a mess. No more taking tons of capsules. We make it easy for our kratom consumers.

Simply pour the stick pack into a 500ml bottle of water or your favorite juice, cold or warm, and enjoy. It’s that simple!

Mix it into a Smoothie

Smoothies tend to make everything better. It’s cold, has a better flavor, and feels like you’re getting a special moment of blissful relaxation. The best part about adding kratom to your smoothie is that you can use almost any recipe. 

Make Kratom Tea

A cheesecloth, coffee filter, or strainer, hot water, and your choice of kratom powder are all you need to make kratom tea. 

The steps are straightforward.

  1. Measure your Kratom
  2. Pour 8 oz of hot water over it
  3. Gently stir
  4. Get your mug ready, and cover it with your strainer/filter. Pour the Kratom mix into your cup. 
  5. Add your preferred sweetener choice to help the flavor.

It’s important to note that your tea should be clear and free of any Kratom powder. If you find kratom powder, you may need to strain it more than once.

If you wonder what strain of kratom to choose from for your tea, we suggest selecting our kratom Starter Sample Pack. There are four types of Sample Packs to choose from, so you’ll get to sample all the different strains carried at Blue Diamond Herbs.

Make Kratom Chocolate

It’s no secret that chocolate makes everything better, and kratom is no exception. Dark chocolate and kratom have the same effects, so you get all the advantages from the two sources. If dark chocolate isn’t exactly your favorite, you can also add milk chocolate. 

Simply melt your chocolate in a pan with coconut oil to create your chocolate-flavored kratom. Next, add the kratom and mix them well. After that, mix in your favorite sweetener, and place in a mold to let it cool.

Find the Best Kratom Mixes Online

When you’re ready to try kratom, then check out Blue Diamond Herbs. We offer various kratom products, such as white kratom, green kratom, red kratom, extracts, enhanced blends, and sample packs.

We also offer  KRATOMade flavor packs that you can add to a 500ml bottle of water or juice and drink. Some of the flavors we offer include Açaí Berry, Berry Blend, Acerola, Cherry Pomegranate, Dragon Fruit, Guava, and Iced Tea Lemon, to name a few. Check us out today to learn more about the kratom products we offer. 

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Cherry Pomegranate KRATOMade

The future is calling

Okay, let’s talk about it… you know the bitter, not always so enjoyable, Kratom that we all know and love. What if I told you that we took your favorite effects of Kratom powder and transformed them into an easy-to-use, pre-packaged, water-soluble, stick pack. Blue Diamond Herbs presents to you KRATOMade. 

Over the next few weeks, you will get an in-depth understanding of the flavors, uses, and maybe even a few of our favorite recipes for our Kratomade stick packs! Did we mention that there are twenty-four, yes TWENTY-FOUR unique flavors? This week we are going to highlight Cherry Pomegranate

Cherry Pomegranate

An up-and-coming flavor choice for many KRATOMade fans, Cherry Pomegranate is the perfect blend of sweet and tart! This is a classic flavor that never goes out of style and one many of our customers love. Cherry Pomegranate is a refreshing flavor that can be enjoyed at any time of the day but we love it as a mid-day “pick-me-up”!

Ways to enjoy

KRATOMade Cherry Pomegranate can be enjoyed in many ways. Try stirring into a glass of water, either cold or warm, mixing into a smoothie, or pouring into juice. No matter how you decide to drink KRATOMade Cherry Pomegranate, you will still get all the sweet, fruity, and tart flavor as well as all the benefits of Kratom! But with this warm weather approaching, how about trying Cherry Pomegranate in an acai bowl! Check out the recipe below to make your own. 

Smoothie Bowl Recipe


1 Cherry Pomegranate KRATOMade Stick Pack

Yogurt (flavor/type is up to you)

Milk/Milk Substitute

Vanilla Extract

Ice Cubes



In a blender, add the KRATOMade Stick Pack, yogurt, a splash of milk or milk substitute, half a teaspoon of vanilla, and ice cubes. Puree until thoroughly mixed and smooth. You’ll want the mixture a little thicker than your average smoothie, but not so thick you can’t pour it. For a more filling acai bowl, add your favorite granola or oats to the top and enjoy! 

Tag us in your KRATOMade recipe or pictures on Instagram and Facebook or use #BlueDiamondHerbs #BDH 

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The Advantages and Benefits of Using KRATOMade Packets

Grinded green power resting on a small cup on top of leafs

If you want to experience the power of kratom in the most fitting packaging, look no further than KRATOMade packets. These petite pouches pack a serious punch with their full-flavored, H2O-soluble kratom extract. Pour a KRATOMade packet into your preferred beverage, blend, and you’ll have a fully potent, kratom-infused drink ready to go.

Delicious Taste

Most people dislike the natural, bitter taste of kratom. A bad taste can stop potential kratom lovers from reaping all of kratom’s benefits. 

KRATOMade’s fully flavored extracts provide a delicious alternative for people looking for tasty kratom beverages.

Our KRATOMade pouches, available in many exciting, fun flavors, elevate the kratom experience and make it far more enjoyable. Add KRATOMade to your favorite drink to give you limitless options and allow you to customize how you take your kratom!

24 Available KRATOMade flavors include:

  • Blueberry
  • Cherry Pomegranate
  • Forest Fruits
  • Lemonade 
  • Passion Fruit 
  • Acai
  • Acerola
  • Berry Blend
  • Dragon Fruit
  • Grapefruit Tonic
  • Guanabana (soursop)
  • Guava
  • Yellow Grapefruit
  • Ice Tea Lemon
  • Ice Tea Passionfruit
  • Lemon
  • Lemon Pie
  • Lemon Tonic
  • Mandarin
  • Multivitamin Fruit
  • Peach
  • Raspberry
  • Red Orange
  • Tamarind


Each KRATOMade extract is packed individually, making them the ideal travel companion. You can take the powder of kratom with you wherever your busy life or travel schedule takes you by reaching for a pre-portioned packet.

There is almost no mess or hassle with KRATOMade. Put a few in your bag and whenever you need relief, reach for a packet of KRATOMade and mix it into your favorite beverage for instant comfort and delightful pleasure.

Minimal Preparation Time

KRATOMade packets are ideal for consumers with hectic daily schedules who can take on-the-go products and use them while on the go. KRATOMade packets do not require as much steeping time as other kratom products. The extract is specially formulated so that it does not need heating to activate the mitragynine, like other types of kratom may.

These extracts are ready to use and will provide the stimulation or relief you’ve come to expect from high-quality kratom in a single potent packet.

Absorption Rate

Because KRATOMade is a kratom extract, these powder packets work well in the body. Kratom ingested through beverages travels throughout the body and is absorbed into the bloodstream. This absorption rate is slower than pure kratom doses, with the possibility of a long and active duration.

Sizing Simplicity

When starting with kratom, one of the most common questions is, “What quantity do I use?” KRATOMade removes the guesswork from sizing. KRATOMade is pre-portioned, so you will be aware of exactly how much powder is inside. This way, you won’t have to buy a large amount of kratom powder and merely estimate your dosage with a spoon. 

We are past the days of mismeasuring powder or siphoning it off by hand. Open a packet of KRATOMade, pour the stick pack into a 500ml bottle of cold or warm water, or your favorite juice, and enjoy. It’s that easy. 

Buy KRATOMade Packets Today!

Blue Diamond Herbs exclusively sells the highest-quality kratom products at the best prices on the market. Thanks to our top-of-the-line facilities, we are able to offer high-quality products alongside our outstanding customer service. Try Blue Diamond Herbs to find the best products for your herbal shopping needs today.

Image Source: Yanawut.S / Shutterstock

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Kratom Measurement Chart: How Much Kratom Should I Take?

Kratom is known as a staple of natural medicine throughout many areas in Southeast Asia. History indicates that it’s been utilized for such purposes as far back as the 19th century, and in the modern-day, it’s emerged as a popular supplement for a range of different issues. If you’ve heard stories about the many benefits of kratom, and you’re curious to try it for yourself, you’ll need to know exactly how much to take. Your experience and the effects of kratom are dependent upon the dose you consume.

Read on for a comprehensive guide to accurately dosing your kratom.

Finding Your Ideal Kratom Amount

There are many factors that will determine what kratom dosage is right for you. Characteristics such as your height and weight may influence the effect achieved by dosage. Your individual tolerance level will, too — meaning that people who use kratom regularly may have a different experience than those who are new users. Generally speaking, anything below one dose is considered a microdose, and anything above six grams is not recommended unless recommended by a health care provider. Read this chart if you’re wondering how much kratom to take.

Overwhelmed already with trying to figure out the perfect amount of Kratom for you? Don’t worry – most Kratom consumers go through this. That’s why Blue Diamond Herbs has introduced KRATOMade to take out the measuring and mess of kratom powder and testing needed with capsules. Enjoy everything you love about kratom without the undesired taste and inconvenience.

Kratom Measuring Chart

Dose quantityType of doseProbable effectRecommended user
One gram or lessMicrodoseUsers who consume one gram or less are likely to experience a very subtle boost to their mood or a mild sense of stimulation.This kratom dose is best for first-time users of kratom or microdosers.
One to two gramsLowAt one to two grams, you are likely to feel a noticeable sense of stimulation as well as improved productivity and a pleasantly boosted mood.A low dose is ideal for elderly users and relatively new users.
Two to four gramsModerateDoses that are between two and four grams often provide a balanced effect of sedation and stimulation. You may also feel more socially comfortable and talkative.Users with low kratom tolerance or those who seek social relaxation will do best at this dose.
Four to six gramsPotentThe most potent dose of kratom that’s generally safe is between four and six grams. It typically has a strong sedative and analgesic effects.This dose is only recommended for users with demonstrable tolerance.

Kratom Tinctures Measurement & Ways to Take

Kratom is notable for being one of the most versatile natural substances that’s available. One of the many ways users can enjoy kratom is in tincture form, which is made from kratom powder and leaves. Many people prefer tinctures because they are particularly fast-acting compared to other forms of consumption. The measurement of kratom will vary based on the product you select, but most kratom tinctures offer about one gram per 1ml. It should then be consumed sublingually by placing it under your tongue and holding it for a few minutes.

Regular Kratom Measurement & Ways to Take

If you prefer regular kratom to tinctures, you can consume it straight from the source in powdered form. Unlike other natural supplements, kratom is typically consumed orally and not smoked. It has a distinctly earthy taste, and it is best consumed by adding it to another substance, such as juice, yogurt, or a smoothie. One tablespoon is typically equivalent to six to seven grams.

Kratom Capsules Dosage

Kratom capsules are often considered the most convenient way to consume the substance, and it’s also the easiest for controlling the dosage. In most cases, one capsule will contain one gram, though you should always verify the dosage by checking the packaging of your product. Capsules are consumed by simply swallowing with your drink of choice.

Kratom Drink Stick Pack Measurement

Kratom powder, tinctures, or capsules are no longer the only way to consume kratom. No more dealing with the organic taste of kratom either. KRATOMade Single Stick Pack has two servings per drink when you add to a 500ml bottle of water, juice, or tea. KRATOMade currently comes in 24 unique flavors. Perfect for people who want a flavorful experience with kratom and don’t want to worry about measurements. The stick packs are everything you enjoy about kratom without the plant flavor and inconvenience.

Tip for Taking Kratom

Kratom is useful for many uses. It should be noted, though, that you may build a tolerance over time. This can be delayed or avoided by taking tolerance breaks or rotating the strains you consume. Experienced kratom users often keep up to five different strains on hand and use each intermittently to avoid developing a tolerance for any one strain. Another important consideration is the source of your kratom. You’re likely to have the best experience when you get your kratom from a trusted source, so you should always do your research before buying.

Source High-Quality Kratom

Whether you’re brand new to kratom or a years-long enthusiast, your experience is dependent upon the quality of the kratom — and quality all depends on the source. Trust Blue Diamond Herbs for the highest quality selections on the market. For more information, call us at (910) 622-9179 or reach out to us online.

Image Source: Yellow_man / Shutterstock

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Flavored Kratom: KRATOMade Packets | Passion Fruit Blends

The future is calling

Okay, let’s talk about it… you know the bitter, not always so enjoyable, Kratom that we all know and love. What if I told you that we took your favorite effects of Kratom powder and transformed them into an easy-to-use, pre-packaged, water-soluble, stick pack. Blue Diamond Herbs presents to you KRATOMade

Over the next few weeks, you will get an in-depth understanding of the flavors, uses, and maybe even a few of our favorite recipes for our Kratomade stick packs! Did we mention that there are twenty-four, yes TWENTY-FOUR unique flavors? Let’s get to know the line-up. 

We will start this week off with our Passion Fruit and Passion Fruit blends!

Passion Fruit 

A current fan favorite. The passion fruit is an exotic fruit that is native to Brazil, Paraguay, and parts of Argentina. The passion fruit is known to be sweet, maybe a bit sour, and slightly tart. Expect all the same flavors in this stickpack. If tropical citrus and tart are your go-to we recommend this product for you.  

Ice Tea Passion Fruit

Ice Tea Passion Fruit is the perfect blend of southern hospitality and tangy sweetness. Keeping the original flavors of Passion Fruit KRATOMade, this stick pack adds a unique flavor that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for the day. 

KRATOMade was created to be a simple product that is easy to take on the go. Slide it in your bag or pocket and enjoy Kratom without the mess. We even pre-portioned these packets for you, one stick pack is two full servings. No more measuring, simply pour and enjoy! The best part is that KRATOMade Passion Fruit tastes so good you can enjoy it in plain water. No more Kratom Face, no more struggling to get your powder down or trying to mask the taste. We did the hard work for you. 

Ways to enjoy

KRATOMade Passion Fruit can be enjoyed in many ways. Try stirring into a glass of water, either cold or warm, mixing into a smoothie, or pouring into juice. No matter how you decide to drink KRATOMade Passion Fruit, you will still get all the tangy, fruity, sweet, and sour taste as well as all the benefits of Kratom!

Smoothie Recipe

Did you know passion fruit pairs well with mango and banana? If you are tired of just mixing in water and want a Tropical smoothie to enjoy at any time of the day, check out the recipe below: 


1 Passion Fruit KRATOMade Stick Pack

1 Small Mango

1 Banana

1 ¼ Cup of Orange Juice

Ice Cubes


Mix KRATOMade Stick Pack into 1 ¼ cups of orange juice. Add ice cubes, Orange Juice/KRATOMade mix, 1 peeled banana, and 1 mango into the blender. Blend to desired consistency. Pour into a glass and enjoy the already delicious taste of KRATOMade Stick Pack with a twist! 

Tag us in your KRATOMade recipe or pictures on Instagram and Facebook or use #BlueDiamondHerbs #BDH 

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KRATOMade Buyers Guide

Cherry Pomegranate KRATOMade Powder Sticks

Welcome to the future of Kratom! Blue Diamond Herbs now carries the newest, most revolutionary Kratom powder product, KRATOMade. If you have not yet heard about these powerful little packets, don’t worry. Blue Diamond has you covered. Keep reading to learn more about what KRATOMade is, the numerous benefits, and how you can shop the selection of KRATOMade flavors from Blue Diamond Herbs!

What is KRATOMade

If you are ready to experience the power of Kratom in the most convenient packaging, look no further than KRATOMade. These little pouches pack some serious power because they contain fully +

flavored H2O soluble kratom extract. Simply pour each packet into your desired beverage, blend, and you have a fully potent, kratom-infused drink ready to go.

What is a Kratom Extract?

Kratom extract is different from the traditional Kratom powder. Extracts are highly potent, much more so than the kratom powders and should be. They are created through a process designed to physically separate the concentrated alkaloids from the Mitragyna Speciosa into a thick paste that contains a highly concentrated amount of the active agent compound of Kratom: mitragynine. The resulting extracts are highly potent and are up to 15 times stronger than the traditional Kratom powders or kratom leaves. 


KRATOMade simplifies kratom. These super flavorful, colorful packets contain a number of additional benefits, as well as the highest quality kratom powder.

Ease of Sizing

One of the main questions many have when delving into kratom is “How much do I use?” KRATOMade takes the guesswork out of sizing. Of course, every individual is different, but instead of purchasing a large quantity of kratom powder, KRATOMade is pre-portioned, so you know exactly how much powder is inside. Each packet contains the equivalent of 4 grams of natural kratom powder. This means that there are two 50mg servings of mitragynine per pouch. Gone are the days of inaccurate measuring or siphoning off powder by hand. Just grab a packet of KRATOMade, pour the stick pack into a 500ml bottle of water or your favorite juice cold or warm, and enjoy. It’s that simple and now you can go anywhere knowing exactly how much you have.

Rate of Absorption

Because KRATOMade is a kratom extract, these packets of powder work effectively in the body. Kratom that is ingested via beverages will travel throughout the body to be absorbed by the bloodstream. This rate of absorption is more prolonged, with the potential for a longer active duration. 

Minimal Prep Time

KRATOMade packets are ideal for those who value efficiency and convenience. They don’t require the same steeping time as teas or kratom powder additives. The extract is specially formulated so that there is no need to heat the substance to activate the mitragynine like other forms of kratom may require. These extracts are ready to go and will deliver the stimulation or relief you have come to enjoy from the experience of high-quality kratom in one potent packet.

Convenient for Travel

KRATOMade extracts are individually packaged making them the perfect travel companion. Now you can reach for a pre-portioned packet and bring the power of kratom with you wherever your busy life or travel schedule takes you. There’s virtually no mess or hassle. Throw a few in your bag and whenever you need relief, reach for KRATOMade and blend it into your favorite beverage for instant gratification.

Finally, Kratom That Tastes Great

Most people are not crazy about the natural, bitter taste of kratom. This can be so strong for some that they are deterred from experiencing all of the benefits that kratom has to offer. KRATOMade fully flavored extracts offer a delicious solution. These potent pouches in a variety of exciting, fun flavors elevate the experience of kratom and can make it far more enjoyable. Plus, you can add KRATOMade to your drink of choice, which means that your flavor options are endless and you can truly customize the way you take your kratom!

KRATOMade Products Available at Blue Diamond Herbs

Blue Diamond is always at the forefront of the Kratom market and is committed to delivering you the best, newest, and highest quality products. We proudly offer a range of KRATOMade extract packets, including the following flavors:

Buy KRATOMade Extracts at Blue Diamond Herbs

If you are ready to experience all of the benefits of kratom in a convenient, pre-portioned, highly potent packet then purchase KRATOMade from Blue Diamond Herbs online. You can select from our range of delicious flavors that finally make drinking kratom fun and enjoyable. Blue Diamond offers the highest quality, most potent Kratom from our verified and trusted partners and brands, so you know that you will always receive the highest quality kratom products on the market. Shop our full inventory online or contact us with questions!

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Understanding CBD

You may have seen an increase in cannabidiol products in ads or on the shelves in your local stores. But what exactly are CBD products, and why are CBD-infused products increasing at such a rapid pace? First discovered in the early ’40s, CBD is among 113 cannabinoids identified in cannabis plants. Another commonly known cannabinoid of the 113 is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Though both are found in the cannabis plant, the two compounds are very different.

It is also important to acknowledge that there are identifiable differences between CBD, THC, and marijuana, as confusion sometimes concerns people just learning about the benefits of CBD. The benefits of CBD comprise its non-psychoactive qualities and its ability to react positively with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Learn more about CBD and discover why cannabidiol products are a growing conversation topic in many different circles.

Understanding CBD: Myths and Misconceptions

Two of the most misunderstood compounds in cannabis plants are CBD and THC. While they are both independent compounds of the same plant, they each have unique qualities different from one another. Further, each compound is different from the whole cannabis plant, which comprises several compounds of cannabinoids.

Even more importantly, marijuana is a type of cannabis plant, different from all the others. Because of these closely related terms, there are often conflated myths and misconceptions that plague the lesser potent CBD and THC, each helpful in its own right.

CBD is harvested by extracting the compound from the cannabis plant. A complex process of extraction is used to isolate the CBD cannabinoid. This process is through the means of a carbon dioxide isolation method that removes the plant matter from the desired oil. Another technique uses a less complex crushing method that includes all plant parts to get the oil.

As of right now, the only FDA-regulated CBD product is Epidiolex. Epidiolex and other medical iterations approved by the FDA are used to combat violent seizures. CBD and cannabis therapy is only currently regulated to treat the following medical conditions:

  • Tuberous Sclerosis Complex
  • Lennox Gastaut Syndrome

Understanding CBD: Partaking in Products

The ways that you choose to use CBD products have an impact on the effects you may experience. Your endocannabinoid system is a biological system that has complex workings within your body. The way that CBD affects your body is by way of the receptors of the endocannabinoid system.

When you first begin dosing with CBD, there is often a weight suggestion for the amount of product you should use. It is highly recommended to follow these guidelines for your general well-being. As you become more accustomed to how CBD affects your systems, you can opt for a higher dosage. If you begin by taking more than the suggested amount, you will only end up wasting valuable products.

CBD is non-psychoactive in its effects; this means that your perception or behavior controlled by your mental processes are not affected by CBD, as they would be with other drugs or alcohol that produces an altering effect. Thanks to its wide range of benefits and few drawbacks, CBD comes in a variety of applications.

Oils and Tinctures

CBD oil and tinctures rely on bioavailability for dosing absorption. Bioavailability is the most efficient and reliable dosing method because it enters the body more quickly through the bloodstream.

Tinctures are alcohol-based mixtures that ensure the CBD compound has a longer shelf life for those who only intermittently use the application. Tinctures are stored in a bottle with dropper dosage lids for easy sublingual. Alcohol provides a more comprehensive storage solution but is often so bitter that additional flavor enhancers may be included.

CBD oil can be applied in a few different ways. Topical CBD oil can be applied to the skin, and provided that the concentration is high enough, the CBD will absorb through the skin just as quickly. Another application is through a similar method as the tincture. Instead of using alcohol as the suspension fluid, a carrier oil like coconut or hemp oil will suspend the mixture. Finally, CBD oil can also be applied through oral sprays. Oral sprays can be spritzed for quick absorption if used under the tongue, just as tinctures and other oils.


Edibles are a desirable form of CBD consumption thanks to their convenient packaging and discrete dosing potential. Edible lack a little of the potency that other modes of consumption do because, unlike with bioavailability, the CBD must first go through separate body systems before it enters your bloodstream and works to bind to receptors the way it should.

When you consume edibles, you can expect the desired effect of the CBD product to take up to an hour to be noticeable, while it may take six to eight hours to be fully processed. CBD gummies are a popular vehicle for CBD since they mask the taste and are often taken for candy, making dosing discrete.

Be sure to keep your CBD gummies separate from any other candy in your house. Gummies can come in many different varieties, and the most popular gummies are sour varieties because they do the best job masking the more herbal and earthy flavors of cannabidiol. Popular choices include:

  • Gummy worms
  • Gummy bears
  • Tart gummies
  • Sour gummies

CBD for Pets

Pets have the same endocannabinoid systems and the same endocannabinoid receptors that humans do. This similarity in structure also means that animals may benefit from the effects of CBD products just like their human counterparts. For many pet owners, the bioavailability method and using a dropper applicator is the most successful approach. For others, they can only gain access by mixing food or treats with CBD oil for consumption. Before changing your pet’s diet or supplementing with any additional products, consult with your veterinarian for additional support.

Understanding CBD: The Bottom Line

The more is researched and understood about CBD; the more good uses seem to come to light. From the FDA-approved seizure treatments to unregulated but colloquially accepted homeopathic care, people are singing the praises of CBD. You can find CBD products more readily these days, and there is truly a CBD-infused product out there to meet the needs of even the most hesitant people.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that CBD has yet to be fully regulated by the FDA, which means there can be significant discrepancies in quality. Be diligent in doing your research to work with a trusted company that ensures you will receive a well-researched and custom-created CBD product that does what it should. Blue Diamond Herbs provides excellent customer service along with quality CBD products to meet your needs.

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KRATOMade Kratom

Updated July 2022

The future of kratom has arrived, and it’s called KRATOMade. Thanks to this new fruit-flavored product, kratom has never been more enjoyable. If you don’t find kratom powder or kratom extracts especially appealing, but you’re sick of kratom capsules, this is an awesome option!

Kratom consumers have been asking for a product like this, so we listened. KRATOMade kratom drink mix is now available exclusively at Blue Diamond Herbs. We think this product is about to get extremely popular, so now is the time to learn more about it.

What Is KRATOMade Kratom?

KRATOMade is a kratom drink powder. If you’ve ever seen those little packets you can use to turn your bottle of water into a delicious drink, this is just like that. Well, maybe KRATOMade isn’t exactly like that, because KRATOMade also includes premium kratom extract. Best of all, this kratom drink mix is available in amazing flavors, with 12 more flavors to come. Your options will include all of the following and possibly many more:

  • Blueberry KRATOMade
  • Lemonade KRATOMade
  • Forest Fruits KRATOMade
  • Cherry Pomegranate KRATOMade

With so many mouth-watering natural flavors, it’s easy for just about anyone to find one that will be appealing to them. You might think products that make kratom extract this delightful have to be super sugary or contain a lot of bad ingredients. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the ingredient list and nutritional information for KRATOMade kratom!

KRATOMade Kratom Ingredients and Nutrition Information

KRATOMade kratom is made with premium ingredients to ensure top quality and unparalleled consistency. The full list of ingredients is as follows:

Bulking agent, Maltodextrin (vegetable starch), natural flavorings, acesulfame (calorie-free sweetener), sucralose (zero calorie artificial sweetener), stevia extract, tricalcium phosphate (anti-caking agent), guar gum, gum acacia, l-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), carrot concentrate for coloring, citric acid (the acid found in citrus fruits), malic acid (commonly found in fruits and wines), kratom extract, trisodium citrate (for tart, salty flavor).

This list of premium ingredients keeps KRATOMade kratom very natural compared to many other similar mixes. It also gives it some great stats as far as the nutrition information. The following nutrition information is for 9 grams (0.317 ounces) of the product:

  • 1 Calorie
  • 0 Grams of Sugars
  • 0 Grams of Fat
  • 0 Grams of Saturated Fat
  • 0 Grams of Carbohydrates
  • 0 Grams of Protein
  • 0 Grams of Salt
  • 8 Milligrams of Vitamin C, which is 8% of the Daily Reference Intake (DRI)

KRATOMade Kratom Benefits

Because this product is made with kratom extract, it is able to offer very high levels of kratom alkaloids without a lot of plant material. This is part of the reason it’s possible for the drink mix to be so delicious. It doesn’t take very much actual kratom material to introduce a lot of alkaloids, which means there are less of those bitter notes from the plant material. It’s also extremely easy to enjoy KRATOMade kratom.

What to Do With KRATOMade Kratom

The recommended instructions for KRATOMade kratom are as follows:

  • Pour all contents into a 500 ml bottle of water or your favorite juice.
  • Shake it up.
  • Enjoy half of the bottle for one standard serving, or enjoy it throughout the day.

It’s as easy as that! Now you have a great-tasting product that gives you complete control over how much you get out at one time. One bottle is equivalent to 10 grams of regular kratom powder, which many might want to divide into two portions that are both equal to 5 grams of normal kratom each. This information should make it relatively easy to get an idea of how many alkaloids you’re getting without having to measure, weigh, or do math with kratom capsules.

KRATOMade Kratom Pricing

As of August 2021, KRATOMade kratom is sold exclusively at Blue Diamond Herbs, but we still go above and beyond to offer it at low prices. The pricing structure is designed to offer a lot of value for a fair cost. We want these high-quality kratom products to be easily accessible to everyone, which is why we have this intense focus on keeping costs low.

The sticks of powder (each of which are regarded as two servings) come in packs of the following sizes and prices:

  • 6 Pack (12 Servings) for $47.94 ($7.99 each)
  • 12 Pack (24 Servings) for $83.88 ($6.99 each)
  • 24 Pack (48 Servings) for $143.76 ($5.99 each)

Where to Buy KRATOMade Kratom Online

For now, KRATOMade kratom is only available at Blue Diamond Herbs. That might not always be the case once this product takes off, but it’s still nice to go straight to the source when it comes to something as important as your kratom. Once you start seeing KRATOMade kratom all over the place, keep in mind that it’s important to buy kratom from a reliable shop.

One of the nice things about KRATOMade Kratom is that it’s packaged by the producer itself. That means there’s little opportunity for the kratom to be tainted or mislabeled in any way. Still, it’s important to buy kratom from a trustworthy retailer no matter which type you’re getting. There are multiple benefits to choosing the right online kratom vendor:

  1. Avoid Fakes – If your kratom doesn’t come in its original packaging, don’t trust it. There’s no good reason for a kratom vendor to take the powder out of the package. As becomes increasingly popular because people love it so much, there may eventually be knock offs or fakes on the market. Avoid them by purchasing from a reliable vendor.
  2. Fresh Kratom – Even if you are getting genuine KRATOMade kratom in its original packaging, the quality may still depend somewhat on the freshness of the product. Reliable online kratom stores to make sure they only sell fresh kratom, not anything that’s been sitting around for a long time.
  3. Fast Shipping – When you’re excited about a great new kratom product like KRATOMade, you probably don’t want to wait weeks for it to arrive. That’s only one of the reasons it’s important to choose a kratom company that offers fast, discreet shipping. The other benefit of fast shipping is that it helps keep the product fresh and in good condition. It isn’t good for kratom to be left in a hot truck or warehouse for a long time during the shipping process.
  4. Fair Prices – Some kratom companies like to overcharge their customers to make more profit from every transaction. The best online kratom stores know that the best way to grow the business is to offer better prices, which attracts new customers and earns repeat business. This is better for the online kratom shop and its customers at the same time.

Here at Blue Diamond Herbs, we have a wide selection of KRATOMade kratom. We have even more flavors coming soon, so you’ll be able to find the exact type that matches your preferences. We also make sure to keep our supply fresh by storing it appropriately and making sure we don’t let it sit around too long. Best of all, we offer low kratom prices and fast shipping. Browse our selection of KRATOMade kratom today to find something that appeals to you! Questions? Call (910) 622-9179

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What is Bali Kratom?

Blue Diamond Herbs Bali Kratom buyer's guide
What You’ll Learn

As you read about Bali kratom, you’ll learn:

  • While some people are very interested in Bali kratom, for the most part, the nuances between this type of kratom will not be very noticeable compared to other types of premium kratom of the same color.
  • Bali kratom is available as red vein kratom, white vein kratom, and green vein kratom.
  • You can find Bali kratom powder, capsules, and extracts.

Origins of Bali Kratom

When most people think of Bali, they think of beautiful beaches and some of the healthiest forests in the world. If you’re a kratom enthusiast, you probably think of Bali kratom as well. Bali kratom is one of the most popular varieties, and it’s easy to see why. Before you can understand the history behind the greatness of Bali kratom, it’s important to learn a thing or two about Bali, the rest of Indonesia, and the tree from which kratom comes in the first place.

The tree from which we get kratom is the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. This tree is from the same family as the coffee tree, and it grows naturally all over Southeast Asia. In Indonesia, where the soil is rich and the rain is plentiful, these trees may grow over 100 feet tall. The leaves are massive, and they’re what eventually become kratom powder. The leaves are harvested by skilled kratom experts who have an eye for quality. Then they’re dried, formed into kratom powder, and prepared to be shipped to the United States (or wherever else they’re going).

Kratom naturally grows to be very healthy in Indonesia (which is where Bali is), and that’s why the overwhelming majority of kratom in the United States comes from Indonesia. While some people believe that Bali kratom originated in Bali itself, most believe the name comes because Bali has historically been used as one of the most important ports for kratom coming from other parts of Indonesia.

Types of Bali Kratom

Like every other type of kratom, you’ll normally find that people talk about Bali kratom by color. Though you can find all kinds of different mixes and blends, the three true types of kratom are as follows:

The same applies to Bali kratom.

Red Vein Bali Kratom

Red vein kratom, on the whole, is perhaps the single most popular type of kratom in the world. Many of our customers say its properties align with what they want when they first become interested in kratom. It is believed to have some of the highest alkaloid levels of any type of kratom.

Green Vein Bali Kratom

Some people say that they find red vein kratom to be too intense. If you tend to agree with that statement, you may be interested in green vein kratom instead. Many people say that, while red kratom is too intense, green Bali kratom is just right. It is something of a middle path as far as the types of kratom.

White Vein Bali Kratom

White vein kratom is becoming extremely popular in its own right. Some people say that even green kratom contains overwhelming alkaloids, so they prefer white vein kratom. White kratom isn’t as common as the other two colors, but it can still be a great fit when only premium leaves are harvested.

Ways to Utilize Kratom

Once the kratom leaves have been harvested and dried, they are typically used in one of three ways. Kratom companies might turn them into any of the following:

  • Kratom Powder is considered the purest form of the plant you can get on this side of the world because it’s nothing more than dried and powdered leaves. Kratom powder is a good choice for people who want the most flexibility regarding how much kratom they measure out and what they do with it.
  • Kratom Capsules – Kratom capsules are generally just gel caps filled with kratom powder. This makes them very similar to kratom powder, with the obvious difference being that everything is pre-measured and divided out. This gives the customer less control over the measuring process, but it maximizes convenience since there is no need to scoop or weigh the kratom powder.
  • Kratom Tinctures – Also known as kratom extracts, these products are becoming popular among those who are very experienced with kratom and want to have highly concentrated forms of the plant. These tinctures contain especially high levels of alkaloids from the kratom plant but with less of the plant material itself. Those who love kratom tinctures say that this ratio of alkaloids to plant material is most efficient for their purposes.


Here at Blue Diamond Herbs, an experienced member of our staff will be happy to answer any questions you have as we help you place your order. In the meantime, though, here are some of the most common kratom questions we receive.

What Are the General Advantages of Bali Kratom?

The primary benefit of Bali kratom is its quality. This particular variety of kratom has such an excellent variety within the community that the name denotes a certain level of consistency. Of course, there are always some online kratom stores that will call just about anything Bali kratom with no real regard for what it is, but that isn’t something you have to worry about when you buy kratom online from a reliable source. Once you do that, you can expect kratom to offer something remarkable in terms of quality, purity, and consistency.

What Is the Best Time for Bali Kratom?

Most people say that they find kratom to be comforting, especially compared to the many other types of kratom that aren’t as trustworthy. For that reason, people typically say that they like to buy kratom for nighttime use. This is especially true of red Bali kratom, and people may prefer green or white strains for earlier in the day.

How Long Does the Effect of Kratom Last?

The answer to this question depends on many factors, which is why every kratom enthusiast ultimately has to make their own choices with kratom as they build their relationships with it. Because of the fresh quality of Bali kratom, however, it is generally believed to last a long time relative to some other types of kratom.

What Are the General Side Effects Known From Bali Strain?

There have been stories of kratom powder containing bacteria, heavy metals, and other potentially dangerous side effects. One of the best things about kratom is that it has a reputation for being very pure. That is to say that when you buy kratom online from a reliable vendor, you can be confident that it has been tested and confirmed to contain pure plant material.

Why Choose Blue Diamond Herbs for Kratom

Here at Blue Diamond Herbs, we have a reputation for offering pure, reliable kratom at some of the best prices around. We’re able to earn this reputation by forming productive relationships with Indonesian farmers and taking great pride in the way we serve our customers. Place your order today to see for yourself! Questions? Call (910) 622-9179