Maeng Da Sulawesi

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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa

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10 reviews for Maeng Da Sulawesi

  1. Jim Reed

    THE BOOOMB!!!!!It was slow at work, so usually I just chill. Nope not on this day, I should win an award for how many silverware roll ups I made at work that day. Straight natural feeling energy. I get excited just looking at the package.

  2. Danny R.

    I’ll take another 8oz please. Great energy and puts me in a uplifting mood. This one works for me in so many ways.

  3. Marcus M

    Energy blast and good vibes

  4. Boby T.

    Yup this is my S***, love this type of kratom. First time trying blue diamond and I will continue to order from them. #Loyalcustomer

  5. Jerry P.

    WOW!!!!! Are you kidding me with this vendor. I’ve been in the game longer then most and tried so many vendors. A friend recommended them so I said what the hell. The first strain I tried was the best I ever had. Every strain after that was better then the first. The customer service is on point and I can’t imagine why it took me 7 years to find a vendor that genuinely cares about how they do business and always have a quality product. This place is Fire and I love everything about it. Keep up the good work Blue Diamond, and I will continue to tell the world about you.

    • admin

      Thank you Jerry, we appreciate your kind words. Customer service is very important to us.

  6. Paul H (verified owner)

    This is the first strain I tried from BD and it was ridiculously good. All the other strains Ive tried since are all also really good but this might be my favorite.

    So nice to find some quality plain leaf after settling for mediocre for so long. Although its almost twice as much as what I’m used to paying I think it’s worth it and I will be exclusively ordering my tea from BD from now on.

    Keep up the good work.

    • admin

      Thank you Paul. We appreciate your loyalty.

  7. Tia Clark (verified owner)

    I’ve tried many different vendors and strains over the years, and this one takes the prize! It is the most wonderful product. It wipes my discomfort, puts me in the best of moods and gives me the energy to do everything I need to do, and then some!!

  8. Ashley (verified owner)

    This is my favorite! My go to for energy. Have recommended to family and friends already!

  9. priestrachel (verified owner)

    This is one of my ultimate favs from you guys. This strain gives me energy and a uplifting mood and relief.

  10. gerry shaf (verified owner)

    This one has grown on me since i tried it first. I think this one may be one of my favorites. The taste alone is different to me and in a good way. ALMOST sort of spearmint hint to this one. lol ALMOST.

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