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What is Kava?

Kava Leaf and Capsules

Kava is created from the ground root of the plant Piper methysticum (a member of the pepper family) found in the South Pacific. Traditionally, the plant root is crushed and brewed in tea. Kava farmers have been growing and selecting Kava for c ceremonial and medicinal purposes since around 3,500 years ago when the “Lapita” people first arrived in Vanuatu. Many years ago, Kava ceremonies were surrounded by rituals and restricted to secret societies where only the most powerful of people could drink the Kava mixture. It was then considered a gateway to ancestors, God, and other spirits.

Now in 2023, Kava is used for a number of things including helping those with stress and pain. It is also commonly used as an alternative to alcohol, hence why Kava Bars and cocktails are becoming so popular in larger cities. The rise in Kava bars helped contribute to the United States’ growing popularity of this plant. Which lead Blue Diamond Herbs to create KAVAMade. An on-the-go Kava drink mix that tastes great and is easy to use.

But Kava is not just used in the US. It is extremely popular among Islanders, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Fiji, Hawaii, and many other countries that continue to use Kava tea and drinks whether it is related to religious reasons or for enjoyment.

Kava and its Effects

The specific effects received from Kava all depend on the cultivar and potency of the plant itself. Generally, Kava is known to bring relaxation and promote a sense of sociability, without diminishing mental clarity. Even though kava has been an important component of the traditional Pacific Islands medicine, most people consume it today as a traditional, relaxing, and refreshing beverage and not a remedy for any health problems. The potency of the plant can be determined by its age, cultivar, farmer’s skills, concentration on lateral roots, and conditions of storage.

Blue Diamond Herbs Kava is a top-notch powder that is farmed from some of the best farmers in the South Pacific. Our products are safe, lab tested, and highly enjoyed! What makes Blue Diamond Herbs Kava so great is that it is already flavored! You can enjoy your Kava from anywhere at any time without the plant-like taste.

While the practice of Kava is not new, consumers of Kava should still be aware and pay close attention to their product’s purity and nobility.

Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals. The information provided on this website is not meant to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. What we present here is the literature we are familiar with and our own experiences related to the consumption of kava as a traditional beverage. If you do suffer from an illness, take any medications, require treatment, or have any other concerns, we advise that you consult your GP whether you can safely use kava.