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Researchers estimate that more than 2 million US adults are kratom consumers. As its popularity increases, so does the number of people interested in finding kratom for sale online. Whether you’re an experienced kratom enthusiast or shopping for the first time, we’re confident you’ll find the best selection of Maeng Da kratom products at Blue Diamond Herbs.

If you’re having difficulty deciding which products in our impressive inventory would be the best fit for your needs and lifestyle, you may find it helpful to explore the differences between the three main types of kratom powder. Once you’ve narrowed your options, consider signing up to get advanced notifications of our discounts and deals delivered to your inbox.

Blue Diamond Herbs' Maeng Da Kratom for Sale Online

Many kratom consumers consider Maeng Da the most powerful of the many variants available.

This popular hybrid delivers the best attributes of each of its “parent” plants. While browsing your options, you’ve likely noticed that kratom is categorized by the color of the veins adorning its leaves.

While many people assume each color is harvested from plants bred to produce various alkaloid concentrations, that’s not the case. Kratom farmers harvest a portion of their yield during three distinct phases of maturation to take advantage of specific properties.

White vein Maeng Da leaves are harvested early in the maturation cycle. Kratom farmers pluck the leaves and stems gently to avoid harming the plant. Our Premium Grade White Label Maeng Da Kratom Powder contains high concentrations of mitragynine (MIT).

When white Maeng Da leaves are left to continue their growth cycle, oxidation converts mitragynine to 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

Since the effects of Premium Grade Green Label Maeng Da Kratom Powder tend to fall somewhere between white and red veins, it’s considered the most balanced.

Red vein Maeng Da leaves mature the longest. They’re also dried in direct sunlight longer than green and white strains to take advantage of the effects of the sun’s UV rays and natural fermentation. Premium Grade Red Label Maeng Da Kratom Powder contains high amounts of 7-hydroxy mitragynine (7-OH).

Other Popular Kratom Products We Carry

Numerous kratom consumers who buy kratom online enjoy adding their favorite powders to coffee or tea; others prefer swallowing kratom powders in an ablate to avoid their bitter flavor. If you’re concerned about adapting to the taste of kratom, consider trying one of the following alternatives to traditional powders.

KRATOMade™ Flavored Powders

The makers of KRATOMade™ use a proprietary method of alkaloid extraction to liberate Maeng Da’s mitragynine from the plant components responsible for its bitterness.

A 1.75-gram stick pack contains two 50mg servings of mitragynine.

KRATOMade™ stick packs are available in 23 flavors, including forest fruits, ice tea passion fruit, pineapple, and yellow grapefruit.

Just pour a serving into a bottle of water, shake, and enjoy. KRATOMade™ Liquid Shots single-serving packets are ready to drink – no water required.

Godfather Capsules

Godfather Maeng Da is one of the best varieties available for online sale. It’s also the driving force behind the effects of our proprietary extracts.

A single Godfather Special Extract No. 1 Capsule is 50% MIT, the equivalent of a four to six-gram serving of Maeng Da powder.

The MIT concentration of our Godfather X Special Extract No. 2 Capsules is even higher, 75%.

They test at levels equivalent to 5-6 grams of kratom powder.

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