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At last count, there were at least 50 unique varieties of kratom. Most are identified by their geographic origin or named for a specific region. Although all kratom variants belong to the same plant species (Mitragyna speciosa), they each have a unique composition of alkaloids.

Many consumers consider Maeng Da the most powerful version of kratom available.

When you drink kratom tea, you’re ingesting the alkaloids through simple water extraction. Godfather extracts are in a class of their own. Whether you’re learning about Grandfather extracts for the first time or exploring your options based on the advice of a family member or friend, you need to know where to find kratom extracts for sale.

What to Know About Godfather Kratom Extracts

Godfather kratom extracts are made from Maeng Da kratom. Mature Maeng Da leaves that have been dried and ground to powder have an average range of 1.7 to 1.9% mitragynine (MIT), the alkaloid is primarily responsible for kratom’s effects.

Manufacturers who separate alkaloids from dried kratom have also developed innovative ways to take advantage of their extract’s elevated alkaloid levels.
But you won’t find premium products made with Godfather extract just anywhere. They’re specialty items only available at Blue Diamond Herbs.

Strains of Kratom Extract

While the scientific community has identified more than 50 kratom varieties with unique alkaloid profiles, they’re classified by the color of their leaf’s veins and stems.

But the trees aren’t bred to produce a specific color.

Experienced kratom farmers cultivate each of the three main strains, red vein, green vein, and white vein, by harvesting their crops at different stages of development.

White vein kratom is harvested early in the maturation cycle when the leaves have high levels of mitragynine (MIT), an alkaloid believed to have an energizing effect. But only a portion of the white veined leaves are harvested while the rest are left to mature.

As kratom leaves continue to age, oxidation converts mitragynine to 7-hydroxy mitragynine. About halfway through their maturation cycle, the veins and stems turn green.

Since green vein kratom has a fairly equal concentration of alkaloids, it’s generally considered the most balanced option.

The mitragynine in the leaves left to mature after green vein leaves are harvested continues to oxidate.
When they’re fully mature, their veins turn red.

With red vein kratom, 7-hydroxy mitragynine is the dominant alkaloid, the active element most often associated with relaxation.

Exploring the Types of Godfather Kratom Extracts We Carry

Maeng Da kratom is a hybrid that delivers the best attributes of each of its “parent” plants. We’ve taken that reputation a step further with Godfather Maeng Da, the original type of kratom known for its naturally high MIT levels. Once our proprietary process is complete, our Godfather extract enhances the best of everything the following products have to offer.

Godfather Enhanced Kratom Blend

Our Godfather Enhanced Kratom Blend is fortified with a 45% MIT extract. Together, our kratom powder and Godfather extract deliver a product with alkaloid levels approximately three times higher than regular powders. That means you can use less of our Godfather-enhanced blend per serving. If your regular kratom consumption amount is 6 grams, you would only need 2-3.

Godfather No.1 Capsules & Tablets

A single Godfather Special Extract No. 1 Capsule is 50% MIT, the equivalent of a four to six-gram serving of Maeng Da powder. If your usual serving size falls in the range of 4-5 grams, you would take the entire capsule. If those amounts exceed your needs, we suggest taking half a cap. Our Godfather No.1 Tablets are available in 5 or 10-count bottles.

Godfather X No. 2 Capsules & Softgels

The MIT concentration of our Godfather X Special Extract No. 2 Capsules is even higher, 75%.

They test at levels equivalent to 5-6 grams of kratom powder.

If you typically use 3-4 grams of kratom per dose, Godfather X No. 2 Softgels are the better option. They’re enhanced with 40 mg of liquid MIT.

You also have the option of purchasing our equally convenient Godfather X No. 2 Tablets.

Where to Find Godfather Kratom Extracts for Sale Online

The only place you’ll find Godfather Extracts for sale is Blue Diamond Herbs, a company founded on a commitment to providing premium quality kratom at the best prices. When you visit us online to browse our proprietary Godfather products, you’ll also find an impressive assortment of red, green, and white kratom powders, capsules, drink mixes, gummies, and sample packs. If you have questions about any of our products, submit a contact form online or call (910) 973-8865.

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