The future is calling

Okay, let’s talk about it… you know the bitter, not always so enjoyable, Kratom that we all know and love. What if I told you that we took your favorite effects of Kratom powder and transformed them into an easy-to-use, pre-packaged, water-soluble, stick pack. Blue Diamond Herbs presents to you KRATOMade.

Over the next few weeks, you will get an in-depth understanding of the flavors, uses, and maybe even a few of our favorite recipes for our Kratomade stick packs! Did we mention that there are twenty-four, yes TWENTY-FOUR unique flavors? Let’s get to know the line-up.

This week we are bringing you one of our favorites Berry Blend!

Berry Blend

A mix of all your favorite berries including blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and more? Sign us up! Berry Blend KRATOMade is taking the industry by storm. Perfect for a morning blend or an afternoon pick-me-up! This sweet and fruity flavor is sure to make your KRATOMade top 5 list!

berry blend KRATOMade

Ways to enjoy

KRATOMade Lemonade can be enjoyed in many ways. Try stirring into a glass of water, either cold or warm, mixing it into a smoothie, or pouring it into juice. No matter how you decide to drink KRATOMade the benefits and lemon flavor are sure to be exactly what you need! An even better way to enjoy Berry Blend KRATOMade is to try it as a sweet berry smoothie! Incorporate your KRATOMade dose by making your morning smoothie, it is sure to be one sweet treat!

Berry Blend Morning Smoothie


1 (one) KRATOMade Berry Blend Stick Pack (Two servings)

Greek Yogurt

4 Strawberries

½ cup of Blueberries

½ Cup of Raspberries

1 Cup of Ice


Wash and cut the tops off your Strawberries—slice berries into small pieces or chunks.

Pour your Berry Blend Stick Pack (use the whole pack for two servings or half the pack for one serving) into a blender. Add Ice, Yogurt, and berries and blend until desired consistency.

Once mixed thoroughly, pour the smoothie into a cup and enjoy!.