Godfather X No.2 Liquid Shot

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Served in single stick packs, this shot contains 100mg MIT. Godfather Liquid Shots have the quickest onset of any of our products, giving you an experience of a lifetime. Energetic and euphoric, this is the best shot to hit the market. Try it as a pre-workout, or for everyday use. Comes in Single shots, 4 pack, or 8 pack.

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Godfather X No. 2 Single Shot, Godfather X No. 2 Shot 4 Count, Godfather X No. 2 Shot 8 Count

3 reviews for Godfather X No.2 Liquid Shot

  1. joanettemarino-2578 (verified owner)

    I’m am very impressed with the physical relief and energy I am getting from this shot! I honestly was afraid it would be too powerful but pleasantly surprised that within 15 minutes, I was able to run some errands and then do some office work I had put off. Definitely will keep these in my home stash! Thank you Luke for all the wonderful Godfather products!!

  2. Vera KS (verified owner)

    OH MY GAWD!! If you use Kratom at all you DEFINITELY need to try these shots!! The most AMAZING product hands down! I mean I highly doubt you will EVER find anything even remotely close to this level of quality and just flat out amazingness!! By far the best Kratom product on the market. I deal with chronic pain and a 2.5 yr old ! This definitely got me moving and helped control my level of pain meanwhile giving me the energy I needed to get through my day!! A HUGE thank you to Luke and his crew for topping himself yet again!!!!

  3. Bev (verified owner)

    AMAZING PRODUCT! I was having a terrible high pain day. Definitely a game changer.

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