How Long Do the Effects of Kratom Last For?

Updated: March 13, 2024

If you’re curious about kratom and its effects, it’s essential to clearly understand the time it takes for kratom to kick in and how long its effects typically last. With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions about dosage and timing, ensuring a positive and enjoyable kratom experience. In this article, we will explore the factors influencing kratom’s onset and duration, helping you make the most out of this fascinating plant.

How Does Kratom Work?

Kratom is a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia. Consumption of its leaves can help produce higher energy levels in lower doses and feelings of relaxation in higher amounts. Kratom leaves contain two primary ingredients, mitragynine and 7-a-hydroxy mitragynine, which function as its primary components.

How Long Does Kratom Take to Kick In? Contributing Factors

While some people may experience the effects of kratom much more rapidly, others may have to wait longer. Besides dosage, kratom duration depends on various factors that determine its efficacy. Some of the most common contributing factors include:


Age and metabolism are two major factors contributing to how long kratom takes to kick in. Younger or more active individuals tend to experience the effects much faster than older individuals or those who metabolize more slowly. Consumers at a younger age may have a faster metabolism, indicating their body responds more quickly after consumption than others.


Body fat plays a critical role in the absorption and retention of kratom. Being a fat-soluble alkaloid, the active ingredient of kratom may favor people with higher fat content, who may experience the effects of kratom longer than slender people. Individuals with a higher body weight may require a higher amount to feel its effects than someone with a lower body weight.

Food intake

Kratom tends to work better on an empty stomach. Taking kratom products on an empty stomach lets you experience the effects firsthand, allowing you time to process your reactions. In fact, at Blue Diamond Herbs, we recommend starting slow with kratom and enjoying your first time on an empty stomach.

Other factors that affect the absorption and retention of kratom in the body include tolerance from previous consumption and genetic makeup.

If you’re wondering how long does kratom last, its duration and effects vary on a person-to-person basis. In most cases, consumers report experiencing effects about 15 minutes after use. However, the full effect may be realized after approximately 30 minutes. This effect can last anywhere from two to five hours.

How You Consume Kratom

Another factor determining kratom duration is the method in which it’s consumed. While there are many products on our site to choose from, for your first time, it might be better to try one of our capsules.

At Blue Diamond Herbs, we offer all of our customers different ways to consume kratom. From capsules to teas to our KRATOMade stick packs, which can be mixed with water and come in a variety of flavors, either standalone or in a variety pack.

Find High-Quality Kratom Products at Blue Diamond Herbs

Whether it’s your first time consuming kratom or your tenth time, focusing on high-quality kratom products allows you to enjoy all the benefits of this amazing herb.

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Image source: M.Somchai via Shutterstock