Is Kratom Legal In Florida? Understanding Florida Kratom Laws

An estimated 15 million US residents are kratom consumers. The article explained several reasons people are embracing its effects and touched on the fact that it’s sold in cafés, convenience stores, and specialty shops throughout the state of Florida.

Although kratom is legal in Florida, there have been at least two attempts to ban kratom products statewide, the first in 2017 and the second two years later. 

Those initiatives failed, and the state recently adopted the Florida Kratom Protection Act.

The new law tasks the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS) with developing guidelines and prohibits retailers from selling kratom to anyone under the age of 21. But you can’t assume that Florida kratom laws apply universally throughout the state. Blue Diamond Herbs is here to help you understand the legality of kratom in Florida, depending on where you live.

Can You Buy Kratom in Florida? 

Yes, most people living in Florida can buy kratom. The Florida Kratom Protection Act helps safeguard consumers while also protecting the rights of adults over the age of 21. 

As it stands, Florida residents have the option of purchasing their products from area retailers or ordering online, provided they live anywhere in Florida except Sarasota County.  

This is because, in 2014, Sarasota County lobbyists successfully campaigned to ban the sale and consumption of kratom. 

Anyone caught in possession of kratom in Sarasota County faces a mandatory court date, up to 60 days in jail, and a hefty fine, even if they’re passing through.  

What Kind of Kratom is Legal in Florida? 

Although the more than 460,000 residents of Sarasota County are required to abstain, adults over the age of 21 throughout the rest of the state have the option of choosing from a wide range of kratom products.

The best kratom products are purchased from reputable suppliers and tested for heavy metals and microbial contaminants before they’re sold to customers. 

You can protect yourself from purchasing inferior, poor-quality kratom by sticking with vendors that verify their commitment to consumer safety by publishing a certificate of analysis (COA) for the following products commonly sold to Florida Residents.

Kratom Powder 

Kratom farmers harvest a portion of their yield during three distinct phases of maturation to take advantage of specific alkaloid profiles, giving Florida residents the option of choosing between white vein, green vein, and red vein kratom powder or selectively combining their effects. Some kratom consumers toss the powder into their mouths and wash it down with water (toss & wash); others prefer mixing their ideal serving size into coffee or tea or using oblate pouches.

Kratom Drink Mixes 

Kratom is well-known for its somewhat bitter flavor. Innovative companies like the makers of KRATOMade™ are changing that narrative by using a proprietary method of alkaloid extraction to liberate Maeng Da’s active components from the elements responsible for its bitterness. 

Each KRATOMade™ Stick Pack contains two servings of mitragynine that dissolve easily in water. 

KRATOMade™ Liquid Shots single-serving packets are ready to drink – no water required.

Kratom Gummies 

Kratom gummies are convenient, highly portable, and deliver a consistent amount of kratom with every delicious fruit-flavored treat. KRATOMade™ Gummies contain 100mg of mitragynine (MIT) in every jar, an amount that breaks down to 12.5 mg per piece. T

They’re available in eight delectable flavors, including dragonfruit, cherry pomegranate, kiwi, and tropical rush. Since they’re soft and pliable, it’s easy to accurately adjust your serving sizes as needed.

Godfather Capsules 

Godfather Maeng Da is one of the most potent kratom varieties available. It’s also linked to the success of our Godfather extract-infused products. 

A single Godfather Special Extract No. 1 Capsule is 50% MIT, the equivalent of a four to six-gram serving of most powders. 

Our Godfather X Special Extract No. 2 Capsules are even more potent, clocking in at 75%. Our X No.2 capsules give you the equivalent of 5-6 grams of kratom powder. 

If you usually take less, consider dividing the contents into two servings.

Looking for Kratom in Florida? Look No Further!

There are numerous places in Florida to purchase kratom. But you don’t want to shop impulsively. Most often, the person working behind the counter needs help to verify their kratom is tested for safety. 

Plus, local merchants tend to have a limited inventory. 

Instead, consider buying your kratom from a respected industry leader. 

You’ll need to look no further than Blue Diamond Herbs.  

Our company was founded on a commitment to providing the best prices for premium quality kratom. We’ve never wavered. Not only do we rigorously test every batch of kratom shipped by our suppliers, but you can confirm our commitment to consumer well-being by viewing the certificate of analysis posted on our site. 

If you’re at least 21, we can ship your order anywhere in Florida except Sarasota County. 

If you have questions about any of our kratom products, contact us today to find out more!

Image source: TheNoteTravel via Shutterstock