Is Kratom Legal in California? Everything You Need to Know

Kratom is legal or illegal depending on where you live. As a consumer, you might want to know which states or local governments allow or ban consumption. Understanding the regulations helps you enjoy your kratom products within the legal guidelines. So, is kratom legal in California?

Kratom California law is not straightforward, and the legality and illegality of kratom depend on your location. While it is legal to manufacture, distribute, sell, and consume kratom in California, it is illegal to purchase it if you reside in certain parts of San Diego County. Understand the full extent of California Kratom laws with Blue Diamond Herbs.

Kratom Legality in California

Is kratom illegal in California? As a kratom consumer, you might want a clear answer to this question. However, federal and California kratom laws are complex and sometimes confusing. The confusing part about kratom legality in California is that legal consumption depends on local authorities. While kratom is generally legal in most parts of the state, it remains banned in certain cities.

But is kratom legal in California? The direct answer to this question is yes. Kratom is legal in California but with some caveats. It can be shipped, sold, and consumed in most parts of the state. Only two cities consider its shipment, sale, and consumption illegal. Familiarize yourself with local ordinances to ensure you are always on the safe side.

County-Level Kratom Bans

Although federal laws do not classify kratom as a controlled substance, some states prohibit its sale and consumption. Kratom is legal in some states and illegal in others. In some states, kratom consumption is unregulated. County-level regulations also exist. The county or city-level regulations may ban sale and consumption even when kratom is legal in other parts of the state.

Kratom legality in California is no different. While kratom in California is considered legal, it is banned by some local authorities. Luckily, there are no county-level bans in California. Only San Diego and Oceanside cities have passed laws that ban kratom possession and consumption.

With this information, you should skip consumption when traveling to San Diego and Oceanside. Also, avoid including it in your luggage when traveling to these two cities. If you are on a business trip or vacation in San Diego or Oceanside, leave your kratom products behind.

In San Diego, the city council passed an ordinance prohibiting the manufacture, distribution, sale, and possession of spice, kratom, and bath salts on Tuesday, June 14, 2016. The ordinance classified kratom under synthetic and psychoactive drugs, even though it occurs naturally.

All six representatives voted in favor of the ban, although kratom was not mentioned during public hearings. The local laws became effective immediately, and anyone found in possession of kratom would face arrests and $500 to $1,000 in fines or up to six months in jail.

Article VII of the Oceanside City Code of Ordinance bans the manufacture, distribution, sale, possession, and consumption of kratom in Oceanside. Like San Diego, Oceanside city classifies kratom as a synthetic drug, similar to spice and bath salts. Violation of the ordinances attracts a fine of $500 for each infraction.

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States are free to pass laws regulating the manufacture, distribution, sale, and consumption of kratom. In some states, kratom and its products are legal and illegal in others. But is kratom legal in California? While kratom is legal in California, it remains banned in San Diego and Oceanside Cities. That means its purchase is only prohibited in these cities. Contact us today to explore our full selection of kratom products if you reside outside San Diego and Oceanside.

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