KAVAMade Guide

kavamade dragon fruit stick pack

Blue Diamond Herbs brings you a new way to enjoy Kava! We made it as simple as it gets with an easy KAVAMade stick pack, simply pour, shake, and enjoy! But you may be asking, what exactly is Kava and what makes the stick packs so special? Read along as we digest and discover all there is to know about Kava. 

What is it and what does it help with?

Kava is created from the ground root of the plant Piper methysticum (a member of the pepper family) found in the South Pacific. Traditionally, the plant root is crushed and brewed in tea. Kava is known to bring you feelings of relaxation, helps with stress-reducing, and provide sleep aid. Kava is also known to assist with anxiety and nervousness. Historically, Kava is yellow-green in color and very bitter. KAVAMade has helped to diminish the bitter flavor and replace bitter with fruitful flavors. The primary active ingredients of kava are known as kavalactones; alkaloids are also present.

What makes our Kava Better?

Blue Diamond Herbs has formulated a unique Kava blend, allowing us to create a powder stick pack. This stick pack, also known as KAVAMade, has enabled easy on-the-go travel packets that are 2 servings and easy to use. KAVAMade also comes in three delicious flavors. Besides convenience, KAVAMade has also helped to make KAVA more enjoyable. Whereas some states may have Kava Bars, where bartenders will mix the bitter Kava into fruity drinks to hide the taste, Blue Diamond Herbs has established KAVAMade, which does all the mixing for you! No more bitterness, way more enjoyment!

What are your flavors?

Currently, Blue Diamond Herbs offers three assortments of flavors including, Acai Berry, Dragon Fruit, and Ice Tea Passion Fruit. These flavors can be enjoyed in something as simple as a bottle of water, or mix it up by trying it in a smoothie or juice blend! 

How much do I take?

With anything, it is important to figure out what dose is best for you. Start by trying half of a stick pack and see how you feel. You can always increase or decrease your dosage depending on how well you react and respond to KAVAMade. Kavamade stick packs contain 670mg of the purest Kava Extract.