Comparing Kratom Vs. CBD: Benefits & Effects

CBD and kratom have quickly gained renown for their unique results and advantages. While they share several core similarities, they’re also quite different in ways ranging from outcomes and consumption methods. For some, finding the proper herbal remedy sharply pares down whether CBD vs. kratom will satisfy a particular goal.

At Blue Diamond Herbs in North Carolina, we help customers take control of their holistic needs with verified pure herbal products. We often consider what is kratom and CBD from an alternative health perspective and how you can determine whether either or both substances will satisfy your specific needs.

How Are Kratom and CBD Different?

First, what is kratom and CBD? Both derive from plants, with CBD stemming from cannabis, while kratom comes from the leaves of a southeastern plant closely related to the coffee tree. Both can be made in various products, but kratom is often taken as a tea or a capsule filled with dried powder. CBD can be taken in almost the exact same ways as THC-rich cannabis products, including as a topical.

Unlike CBD, kratom’s main ingredient is mitragynine, which communicates uniquely with dopamine and serotonin receptors in the brain. CBD is much less noticeable and works through a cascade of biochemical processes orchestrated by the endocannabinoid system.

Medically, both CBD and kratom are celebrated for helping with feelings of nervousness and increasing moods. However, how they work and feel in the body is quite different.

CBD, unlike its big sister, THC, is hardly psychoactive at all. Instead, CBD functions through various biochemical pathways, bringing various bodily systems to homeostasis. It doesn’t produce a psychoactive effect, but it does feel relaxing.

Blue Diamond Herbs offers CBD gummies and various types of kratom. With some strains helping improve focus and concentration, others bringing relaxed feelings, and some even reporting to enhance confidence.

Knowing these differences, what is kratom or CBD best used for?

What Are the Benefits of CBD?

CBD impact has been shown to help with a number of benefits, including:

  • feelings of nervousness
  • Some types of epilepsy
  • Irritation, aches, or tenderness

Much like kratom, CBD can also be taken internally or applied topically, making discrete use easier.

What Are the Benefits of Kratom?

Many consumers prefer kratom as it can provide a more powerful effect on the mind and body, also alleviating aches and instilling a sense of relaxation.

Regular portions of kratom do not overstimulate the opioid receptors, and it provides a reduced and more manageable effect on the body. Taking too much can upset the stomach, so it’s helpful to take it with a light snack and ginger or peppermint.

Note that where you get your kratom has a high effect on the intended goal you’re trying to reach. It’s best to use only the highest-quality, certified pure kratom, which is what Blue Diamond Herbs has to offer!

Blue Diamond Herbs Offers Only High-Quality Kratom Products

Deciding between kratom and CBD can be a difficult choice. Some do very well balancing the two, while others achieve the desired benefits with one or the other. It’s obviously a very personal choice, and the only way to know the right thing for you is to take an educated first step and discover the effects of CBD or kratom for yourself.

What is kratom/CBD’s optimal role in your protocol and lifestyle? If you’ve wondered how either or both herbs might benefit you, visit Blue Diamond and reach out to our knowledgeable kratom and CBD enthusiasts for assistance finding the right type of product for your goals.


Image source: sarayut_sy via Shutterstock